About us

Bartl building

Bartl GmbH is …

… a medium-sized enterprise in Upper Bavaria that was founded in 1974 and specialised on production and distribution of products made out of natural materials. With our products we serve specialist shops as well as companies and advertising agencies.
We also offer printing services and the possibility of  custom-made products and special designs.

Our attitude is …

… “humanity and lust for life”. And this runs like a golden thread through the good relationships we foster with our suppliers, customers and employees.
Although if some of our products doesn’t seem to make sense (honestly, who really needs a Hui-Hui-Machine?), they bring a bit of something, that often gets misremembered, just a little fun and joy!

Environmentally responsible behavior …

… always took a center stage since the first days and not only until it came into fashion. That is reflected in the selection of raw materials as well as in the daily operating schedule. We set high value on ecological products, at which durability, quality and manufacturing processes are also examined carefully during the selection of samples.

Yet not only the products ….

… but especially the  “humans” have the first priority.
Relationships with suppliers and customers for many years, high quality standards,  reliability and flexibility are the results.
And if it needs to be, we also try to make the “impossible” possible.